Power Star Pawan Kalyan's ISM book has been given to Top Electronic Media Networks.According to them, The Following are the Main  Highlights of ISM book.

 The book is  consists of  total 12 chapters . 

 Pawan Kalyan Admitted that his companion with Raju Ravitej contributed Major Portions of the content of ISM Book

In Previous  Power Star used to practise 'Atheism'.Later he Gradually started believing in God. 

This is Main Evidenced on  Pawan Kalyan's Positive perspective on Indian philosophy. 

 Pawan Kalyan Quoted  Tagore Literacy Words such as 'Where the Mind Is Without Fear', Also He Quoted Vivekananda and Bhagavadgeetha's Inspirational Quotes

 Pawan Kalyan Described about Nature's balance in the world. 

 Pawan Kalyan  Described about Igotism.

 Selfishness of a Person Causes  Nature's Imbalance.

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