Asin Planing to start New business

South Indian Malayali Kuttie  Asin, who she got fame with “Gajini”,she  went to Bollywood and she tested her luck with big heros in Bollywood. She managed and worked with  some Top heroes in Bollywood.At present she did`t have any  Good Films in Her hand. As per Film reporters are saying she is  in deeply thinking to come back to South Indian film industry.

This Malayali Kuttie known for  her good  entrepreneurship attitude. She holds good name and fame in  this sector. Now,she  is trying to use her  filmy contacts to do amazing business in future. Asin has Beautiful farm house in her native place  in Kerala. The specialty of this farm house is that it is  filled with complete  village Atmosphere, small ponds and beautiful greenery.

Asin now she trying to inviting several Directors and producers to her farm house and they are in turn promoting Beautiful Farm House in social media sites.She aims her Farm house  like Pollachi Film shooting spots, Asin’s plan to turn farm house into a shooting location. In future,
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