Pawan Song Remix in Charan Film

As per Latest Film Sources,  Ram Charan's upcoming film 'Govindudu Andhari Vadeele' will have the Pawan Kalyan's Block Buster Film Kushi  Song 'Aaduvari Matalaki Ardhaale Verule'.This song will be going to  shot on Ram Charan  and Kajal.

Actually, 'Aaduvari Matalaki Ardhaale Verule' song  is  NTR classic film 'Missamma'. Pawan Kalyan liked it very much  and he is insisted his director to  use the song  in 'Kushi' with few small changes  to suit according to  present generation.

The shooting Ram Charan film 'Govindudu Andhari Vadeele' is progressing at a brisk pace.Krishna Vamsi putting total his efforts to make it block buster at box office. The film will  be hitting on screens for this  Dussehra.
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