Bollywood Hero is Big Fan of Pawan Kalyan

Bollywood Hero Vivek Oberoi turns out to be a big fan of Pawan.Vivek was seen sitting next to Pawan on the dais of Chandrababu`s Swearing in ceremony.Vivek was excited to have to meet  with Pawan Kalyan. 
 Vivek Says  Pawan Kalyan is  an Elder brother to me. I already met him around five-six years ago. Then I was just a fan of his Film,but now I respect pawan for many other reasons.On Chandrababu's swearing in ceremony we discussed on 'Janasena' party' and then Pawan Kalyan opened his views about  he was keen on serving the people. I discussed a major blood donation camp that I was planning. Pawan  was not only impressed but was also agreed to support me in all aspects, said Vivek to a Media
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