Nayanathara Accepted to do a Night Show?

Nayanathara`s Recent Film Anamika which it was failed at Block Office in both Telugu and Tamil Languages,Nayanatara should have stepped back from doing Such a Experimental flims with heroine oriented films. However, that is not the case so. Nayanatara  has freshly accepted to do a scary Film titled as ‘Night Show.’ Obviously, it’s the bi-lingual film to be made in Telugu and Tamil languages under the Direction of Saravanan.Most sensational news is that Nayanatara has even dropped  her Remuneration considerably because she was impressed a lot with story  and was definitely confident of Night Show film becoming a special in her  Film career.

This is not the first time Nayanatara is doing in performance oriented Roles.,Now she is concentrating a lot on career and films like ‘Sri Rama Rajyam, Anamika’ have enhanced her image.
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