Ice Cream Movie Review

 Renu(Tejaswi) is a rich girl, who stays back alone at her huge bungalow, instead of going to her cousins wedding. On the very first day itself, Renu starts getting some weird dreams about her house being haunted with evil people.A scared Renu calls over her boyfriend Vishal(Navdeep) to her house for help. Rest of the story is as to what happens to both of them, and will they survive this evil haunted house during their course of stay.

Once again RGV proves that he is a technical genius. Thankfully, the flow cam technology is quite good and does not disturb or irritate the flow of the film.Tejaswi gets the central role, and performs to the best of her capabilities. She has that innocent looks and emotions which were captured nicely by the director.

Navdeep is once again good, but does not have nothing much to do till the end. He shows superb emotions in one scene where is scared of the ghosts. First fifteen minutes of the film is OK and engaging. The sound effects and camera angles create quite an impact during this time.

Once again, RGV chooses an interesting concept, but tries too much with it. My first problem with the film is the length. Even though it is only 100 minutes, at least 10 to 12 minutes could have been easily edited.

After the first interesting fifteen minutes, the story never goes further, and only RGV’s weird camera angles takes center stage. He could have easily got rid of these scenes, and could have made the film more crispier. Much to the disappointment, the so called hyped nude scene is not even there in the film.

As expected, even with this film, RGV gives it an abruptly ending. As you are engaged in the proceedings, and expect something interesting to happen, the movie ends with out notice and leaves a question mark. Climax has not been justified and so are many scenes.
Firstly, I would like to mention about the flow cam technology used in the film. One can say that it is indeed an added feature in the armory of film makers, as this technique captures never before angles in movie making.

RGV has nicely used this technology, and the huge house set up also helps to create different angles in the film. Unlike the irritating rouge methodology used in Department, this flow cam technique is far better, and adds a lot of depth in the way a scene is perceived.

Sound effects in the film are also good and the way the background score is designed is also OK. Even though this is an experimental film, the lighting, set up and production values look good. Visually this film looks neat.

Coming to RGV, he always has some interesting ideas up his sleeves, but it is the execution that falters. Even with this film, he goes into his own zone, and just forgets the flow of the film, and concentrates only on the camera angles leaving the audience irritated.
On the whole, Ice Cream is one film which is decent on technical values.The new flow cam technology shows the film in good light, but it is the abrupt ending, repeated scenes, and some lack luster narration of RGV, that spoils the taste of this Ice Cream
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