Man sings a song for his puppy so puppy can sleep. Video is cute to watch

Dogs are such cute pets that quick end up the centre of attention of everybody in a family. Individuals who hold puppies as pets like to smash them and treat them like youngsters. Like this video posted on Instagram that shows a person making a song a tune for his little puppy to make her nod off. The video is genuinely lovable and can make you go aww.

The video became posted on Instagram via the account misskelly.Thebeagle on may also five. It has were given more than 1,000,000 views so far, making it viral. “i really like when dad sings,” says the textual content at the video together with a heart emoji. The clip shows the man singing a Hindi song to make the beagle domestic dog sleep. As the person is making a song the tune through searching at his mobile, the puppy is sound asleep peacefully on his lap and it’s lovable to look at.

 Watch the video below:

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