Review -Thummeda Movie

Manohar (Raja) and Vikky (Vijay Dharan) are childhood friends. Manohar (Raja) a misogynist & works for a small software company. Vikky (Vijay Dharan) a happy go lucky guy works under a local goon Anna (Jeeva). Both the friend fall in love on the same day, Manohar with neighbor Archana (Varsha Pandey) & Vikky with colony girl Roja (Akshaya). In the meanwhile Manohar chats with an unknown facebook friend, who proposes him and starts blackmailing Manohar to marry her. Manohar explains the problem with Vikky, how did Vikky handle the facebook friend? What are the tasks did she ask Vikky to complete? Will Vikky and Manohar marry the love of the their life forms the rest of the storyline.

After a long time Raja is back on the screen, he looked dull. He failed in emoting emotions in the right time, he lost his touch. New actor Varsha Pandey, Akshaya, Vijay Dharan are tedious in their roles. Second lead Vijay Dharan just irritates audience with his dumb histrionics. Varsha Pandey is too bubbly for this kind of role, she is limited to five dialogues in this movie. Akshaya has larger scope to perform on screen, but inane characterization limits her performance. Rest of the characters are wasted.

I don't even know where to begin. All I can say is it has the worst editing, worst comedy, worst acting, worst directing, worst special effects and worst story. It's like watching a work of art with cow dung and vomit under drainage system. . Maybe that's what makes it fun to watch because of its honesty in trying to make a romantic - drama with horrible points. One things that okay in technicality when compared is music by Mark Robins.

Acting? Terrible. Writing? Just as horrible. Production? Made with pocket change. Filming? So very footer. Sound quality? Oh My God, the sound was the worst. It kept cutting low and loud, with dialogue and sound getting cut off randomly. At first, we thought there was problem with the print, but it wasn’t. Through all the horrible editing, crappy quality, wooden acting, terrible effects, pointless scenes and ear-bleeding BG effects, this is way up there among the best of the worst, along with Puttuku Jara Jara Dubbukume, Police Game, Manashulatho Jagratha and Chandi.
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