Review -Uyyala Jampala Movie

Uyyala Jampala wins mainly due to performances all the lead cast. Raj Tarun who known for his short films Blind Date, Sambar Idly, Approach and Proposal made a promising debut with Uyyala Jampala. He is tailor made for Suri’s role. Raj Tarun shines in this role. Avika Gor is really a revelation. She pulls of a smooth performance and adds life to the movie with her cute expressions and histrionics. Mahathi dubbing didn’t suit her, director should have taken care of her lip sync. Punarnavi Bhupalam is cute and superb with her expressions. Anita, Ravi Varma are fine in their roles. Peela Gangadhar and Hanuma Alluri are good and provide necessary comedy.

Story of the film is very simple, about how two relatives realize that they are made for each other. It has certain shades of story of Nuvve Kavali. It’s very important for a maker to narrate the film with good screenplay when there is wafer thin script. Screenplay of the film leaves a lot to be desired.

Director Virinchi Varma Gunturi succeeded in handling comedy in parts in the first half but he failed in raising the emotional part in the film. Narration of the film is flat. Director should have paid some attention to certain scenes, the love angle between the hero and the heroine should have been betterly handled by the director.
Dialogues by Virinchi Varma Gunturi are natural, the Godavari slang is nicely subdued in the film. Music by Sunny is effective. Background Score supports the scenes. Cinematography by Vishwa is first class. Editing of the film is all right. The one fight sequence in the film is decently shot. Production Values of Annapurna Studious are plushy.

Uyyala Jampala does not boast of a fresh story. The content seems to be a ready mix of several films, but the presentation is fine. Though the film drags in the first half, post interval it picks up the pace and there are many nice elements that makes it worth a watch. On the whole, Uyyala Jampala is an enjoyable family entertainer, but somehow you leave the theatre with a feeling that the film could have been much better.
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