Story starts with writer Saradhi (Kishore) beginning to pen new story/script for publication. He is largely inspired from the lives of people around and thus evolves seven stories in order:

1. Venkateshwar Rao (Krishnudu) working for a MNC is worried man unable to find a girl for marriage. As he reaches the age of 30, finally he finds one.

2. Lisa Smith (Manchu Lakshmi), the famous model is into her late age with falling demand but could not control the temper and living standards. Finally, she signs a brand ambassador deal with a new company. However, fate has something different to offer.

3. Mohan (Naresh) is a divorced NRI returned to India for meeting his teenage friend Saritha (Aamani) who just lost her husband. They both begin a new life journey.

4. Ashraf (Abhijeet) running a departmental store is in love with Haseena (Richa Panai). Her marriage is settled with a Dubai based guy and Ashraf had to sacrifice.

5. Raghu (Chaitanya Krishna) studying in school traps Renu (Shamili), daughter of a politician. He records the intimate moments with Renu in mobile phone for blackmailing. Finally, Raghu is killed and Renu is married to a cinema producer’s son
6. A beggar (Krishneshwar Rao) dreams of buying a small house put for sale. By the time he accumulates Rs.10 Lakhs, he is no more.

7. Raghu (Naga Shourya) living in a village is forcibly married to Gowri (Amitha Rao) at a very small age. They shift to city and a pregnant Gowri dies delivering a baby girl
Finally, the eighth story is of the writer Saradhi himself as his daughter suffering with early cancer needs Rs.5 Lakhs to save her life. Did he, then how?

Title itself depicts this as an anthology film made with several different short films. As such Praveen Sattaru needs to be appreciated for making a new attempt with life and soul added into each of the story. In fact, establishing eight distinctive stories and nearly 15 characters is itself a challenging task for any screen writer and director. Without any confusion or perplexity, he took the entire first half to introduce the characters one by one and then set himself a right momentum to increase the pace of narration in second half which is best part in total movie.

Among the technicalities, a special mention is needed for Mickey J Meyer’s background score which served as real spirit to unify the content. The kind of feel good and emotional factor managed by director is kept intact by Mickey. Then Suresh Raghutu’s cinematography is a comfy and pleasant eye feast. Dharmendra Kakarala’s editing is smooth taking the transitions from one story to other without any blockheads. Along with simple, sweet and superbly heart touching writings of Praveen Sattaru, production values of Chanakya Booneti and A Working Dream Production are to be acknowledged.

On performance front, each of the artist oozed life into the character offered. First of all, Manchu Lakshmi is bold enough to do a Lisa Smith. She has shown the natural arrogance and self confidence to fight. Krishnudu is good with innocent looks. Naresh used a different slang to showcase NRI character shades. Aamani is perfect as a new age widow who braves to live the life on her own terms. Ashraf is adept while Richa Panai is just passable. The pairing of Chaitanya Krishna and Shamili is steamy. They both were coordinating fine. Krishneshwar Rao generated lot of sympathy factor for his tragic end. Raghu is the funny character of all and spilled some laughs with typical dialogue delivery. Amitha Rao did not have much to do. Last but not the least, the talent of Kishore is wasted till date in antagonism and he is the best of entire lot.

Some movies are made just to fulfill the artistic urge of a director or writer without worried about commercial result. Chandamama Kathalu falls into this genre. You find only characters and stories running with unconnected threads. It’s the magical scripting of Praveen Sattaru which established a common connection only in climax with bundles of feel good emotion added. Although stories are narrated on slow pitch with never-hurry approach instilling some amount of boredom yet it’s the second half and especially climax which warms your heart. 

For commercial, formula loving audience who just enjoy songs, action and unnecessary drama, this is not your cup of tea. For the rest of audience who welcome class touch, this is worth a watch once. As there is nothing so bright for lower class center audience, Chandamama Kathalu cannot be put under commercial genre.

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