Nara Rohit Pratinidhi: Movie Review

 Story begins with kidnap of Chief Minister (Kota Srinivas Rao) while attending an old-age home inauguration. There is a high alert declared across the state and Police Commissioner (Posani) is given the responsibility to crack the case by Home Minister (Jayaprakash Reddy). The only clue in the case is kidnapper’s friend Sreekar (Sree Vishnu), son of one more minister (Giri Babu). Well, your bet is right. The kidnapper is none other than our Manchodu Seenu (Nara Rohit) who takes hostage of CM in the same old age home. One by one, Pratinidhi keeps up his demands before Government viz. removal of Gandhi image on our currency notes to control the black money and transfer of petty denominations which we give miss at every purchase to CM fund. However, there is a strong reason and flash back for Manchodu Seenu in grabbing all this attention. What is it? Meanwhile police conclude that Manchodu Seenu is dead nearly two months ago? Then who is Nara Rohit? Watch it on big screen.

Values & Out of the Movie Pratinidhi: The whole purpose of watching a movie is just not to get entertained with silly jokes and senseless drama. Film media can even be used to educate the people. ‘Pratinidhi’ is one such film made with a good intention. Along with exposing of malpractices and illegal ways followed by politicians to fulfill their greed for power and money, ‘Pratinidhi’ also questions on how far a common man is fulfilling his responsibility as a citizen. It’s the screenplay and writing of Anand Ravi made the film quite sensible and self questioning. Although it is hard to change our system in a day or month, yet the cinematic trial followed by Anand Ravi using a journalist as central character to solve the problems is appreciable. 

Nara Rohit selected a script and concept which suits his body language to the core. There is no regular commercial shade to his hero characterization. Although Rohit imitated the slang and mannerisms of Mahesh Babu yet the soul reminds something similar to Kamal Hasan in ‘Eenadu.’ There is urgency for Rohit to concentrate on slimming down his physique. Heroine Shubra Aiyappa is a mere waste. Sree Vishnu doesn’t have any variety to show. Posani and Sree Vishnu are the fun providing characters. Kota and Jayaprakash Reddy were standard.

Off the screen, technicalities related to paper work are done precisely at high standards by Anand Ravi. It’s the technicalities on the screen which failed to lighten the concept. Prashanth Mandava’s direction in association with Chitti Babu’s poor cinematography and Nandamuri Hari’s weak editing killed the essence to an extent while Sai Karthik’s music tried to blow the life. At the same time are Sudha Cinemas and J Sambasiva Rao’s production values are pathetically low. Given this kind of a promising concept with lavish budget and a much more experienced director, ‘Pratinidhi’ could have been a sure shot commercial hit. It’s the fault with execution of an apprentice team failed to glorify the magnificence. Even then, it’s a brainstorming equation for intelligent and smart audience. Commercially, the film might have a good run because of the shoe string budget risked. It’s the timing of release which served an advantage.

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