Power Star Pawan Kalyan's political entry  rivals and anti fans often criticize about Pawan  personal life.But,his ex wife Renu Desai has now  come into scene.She extended her  strong support to Pawan Kalyan's political entry  and praised his attitude  towards to serve the society. 

Renu Desai posted the message in her facebook Account as, " First time after my Maa Tv interview i am going to comment on Pawan on a public. Mr. Pawan Kalyan is truly one of the most genuine and true human being on this entire earth. He is  most generous, kind, humble and clean hearted Person.What happened in our lives only we both know and no one in this world has any right to comment on our Marriage.But pawan is one person I truly respect and admire for his  honesty and his strong struggle to do something for the society. I have always support to  him and will continue to support him because present the world needs more genuine human beings like pawan. There are people and then there is a person called to be Pawan Kalyan."

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