Traditional Beauty Forced Cleavage Show

Telugu Traditional Beauty Anjali, who sizzled  the Film Lovers  like,Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, and Masala, Now she  has thrown a bombshell. Anjali Now Turned to do on glamour roles.

Anjali,She  has always dreamt of making mark as a Glamorous Doll in the Film Industry  But Seethamma Vakitlo Seerimalle Chetthu  Film  has given her the image of Homely Girl  and she is finding it tough to come out of that image.She Requested so many filmmakers to come up with Glamorous Roles, Now she has been getting Glamour type of characters.

 Anjali is  now a hot heroine and participating in hot photo shoots for her Upcoming Films

In this picture , we can see the bold side of Anjali where she shows her wild angle assets . In this hot photo shoot, she  weared a skimpy black outfit that mesmerizes Film Lovers.She held back her two hands while exposing her forced cleavage.Although it is fastened, her  tight dress exhibits much of her breast with a stunning  hot look.
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